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BauWerke becomes associate to planen bauen 4.0
The initiative planen bauen 4.0 bundles expert knowledge from busi- nesses and associations that take part in the value creation processes concerning planning, construction and operation of buildings. This initiative will pave the way in the areas of research, definition of standards and market implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM). As a new associate, BauWerke will broaden the initiative's base and will actively contribute in the creation of consistent German BIM standards.
Akademia Residenz-Berlin opened its doors…
During an extensive 6-month-renovation, the former Airport Hotel was brought to current code standards and received a clean, contemporary look. 304 rooms range from studios to 2-room units, each with a kitchen and bath. Common spaces include a generous lobby, quiet study room and start-up-space, a children's daycare center, a take-out restaurant and a pocket park will follow shortly. BauWerke attended to the project as General Planner through all design and construction phases.
RTL inaugurates Berlin broadcasting facilities
After less than 2 years of planning and construction, the new Berlin branch of cologne-based Media group RTL officially started operations. BauWerke planned the complex program and designed the new studios and administrative offices in Berlin-Mitte.
Akademia Residenz-Berlin's 2nd phase completed
The original project (completion early 2016) was expanded with 27 more apartments, including 5 accessible units. The compact studio units and boardinghouse apartments each have their own kitchenette, some units come with their own private garden. The project, situated in an ideal location to reach Berlin's Universities, was handed over to the clients and users on-time and on-budget.
Newly designed spaces for BVG completed
BauWerke thoroughly refurbished and updated facades and several interior spaces at the BVG (Berlin's public transportation agency) Maintenance Center Wedding, a 1920s building designated as historic property. Conference rooms and common spaces were handed over to the client on time on Dec. 1, 2016. BauWerke was responsible for the conceptual design, design development, construction documents and construction administration.
BauWerke designs for the Bavarian State
The Bavarian Chancellery commissioned BauWerke to design a formal reception space in the landmark building of the Permanent Representation of the Freistaat at the Federal Government. The BauWerke team convinced the client with their experience in designing sophisticated interiors.
Scope of services
Since its launch in Berlin in the year 2000, BauWerke is at the core
of an interdisciplinary network consisting of architects, urban designers, engineers, designers, and consultants, to cover all
aspects of design and construction.

This network serves as a platform to merge creativity and innovation with sound science and knowledge of differing and complementary areas for the mutual benefit and to create a new level of quality in design, planning, site supervision and project management.
BauWerke's holistic approach results in a comprehensive quality with regard to design, engineering, economy, and ecology for the benefit
of our clients, planning partners and own team, and our social and cultural environment.

BauWerke's projects are located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Ireland, China and the USA.
BauWerke implements a design-driven planning process to cover a building's lifecycle and to benefit a building's public perception.

We define the design driven process as the skilled realization of a project's idea, where success is only possible when all relevant
aspects are considered and resolved.

We apply our core competency in architectural and engineering services to a wide range of tasks:

- Architectural services: Design, Construction Documents, Bidding
and Construction Administration, Site Supervision
- General Planning
- Project Management
- Design-Build Services
- Master Plans and Urban Design
- Project-, Site-, Marketing- and Investment research and analysis
- Feasibility Studies
Our team of architects and engineers is the resource and reference
of our company's commitment and competence. We value our highly qualified and motivated team, and support the continuing personal and professional development of our team members.

Each project is led by a responsible Senior Architect through all phases, from first sketch until completion. This ensures continuity, commitment and highest quality during all phases of the project. The best match of individual qualifications that meets the demands of a particular project determines the composition of our project teams.

High commitment, combined with personal and professional competence and integrity guarantees a high-quality service.
Dipl.-Ing. Fritz Breitenthaler, Architect
CEO and Owner
Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Stahl, Architect AIA
Dipl.-Ing. Heiko Stietenroth, Architect
Special structures
Education / Sports
Office / Administration
Hotel / Healthcare
Business / Craft


Sophie-Charlotten-Str. 92-94
14059 Berlin, Deutschland
T: +49 (0)30 300 96 70
E: info(at)bauwerke.org


BauWerke / Nick Baker Architects
40-42 Charterhouse Street, 2nd floor
London EC1M 6JN, Great Britain
T: +44 (0)20 7490 0644
E: london(at)bauwerke.org
BauWerke GmbH

Sophie-Charlotten-Straße 92-94
14059 Berlin, Germany
Telefon: +49 (0)30 300 96 70
E-Mail: info(at)bauwerke.org

Vertretungsberechtigter Geschäftsführer:
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